Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October 11th, 2011's poem

Today I realized I needed to spend creativity on more then just Star Wars alone, I should spend it a little each day to make a poem. That does not mean I won't still write, just that I will add a little bit of creativity.

The cold fall air brushes past me, green leaves change to gold. I am to spend this time care free, at least that's what I'm told. It's strange to look and see the beautiful fall leaves, and know there are those who don't believe. The Christian point of view is what I set my heart into. God, be with me every day, even when I forget to pray, so I might someday know, where I am meant to go. In this fall time here, I spread my Little Jedi Christian cheer.

So, there's my poem.

May the Lord Bless your day, ~ Ahsoka Tano.


  1. I am also a insane Star Wars fan and a Christian and I am your first follower. :)

  2. so agree with james and jacob above. oh i'm the third follower. james and jacob got here first, poo. i love your avatar. love galen and juno 2gether. :)

  3. Great poem! :) I like all your blogs, BTW, and I believe I followed all of them as well.